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Cannabis Lux Set 50 + 15ml (2.2fl oz)

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The first professional and legal cannabis biotherapy. The natural repair treatment is based on cannabidiol and hemp and poppyseed oils, all of which repair the skin at 3 levels. Cannabidiol (CBD) imitates the functions of endocannabinoids, which naturally occur in the human body and provide anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing effects. Cebidiol™ is a revolution in CBD products. Thanks to multilayer spheres, the substance is stable and gradually released into the skin throughout the day. High concentrations of hemp and poppyseed oils offer a source of invaluable EFAs, which repair the hydro-lipid coat and have anti-inflammatory properties. The line is designed for people with over-reactive and dysfunctional skin whose protective barrier and normal functions have been disturbed. The main components of the line are: Cebidiol ™, hemp oil, poppyseed oil

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Cebidiol ™, hemp oil, poppyseed oil