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Neuro GABA Therapy Face Lifting

Neuro GABA Therapy Face Lifting


Neuro GABA Therapy Face Lifting

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Rapid neuro peel containing GABA neurotransmitters (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and NANA (N-acetyl-5-neuraminic acid), which play relay and regulatory roles. In combination with 30% lactic acid they ensure smoothing of furrows and improvement of skin tension (“freezing effect”). After treatment, immediate wrinkles filling (“plumping effect”) and skin moisturization (“hydro effect”) are visible. The addition of hyaluronic acid in two forms – low molecular and high molecular – strengthens the effect of rejuvenation.
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Neuro GABA & NANA Peel 30ml (1fl oz)
Neuro GABA & NANA Serum 30ml (1 oz)
Neuro GABA & NANA Cream 50ml (1.7fl oz)
Neuro GABA Lift Mask 150g (5.3 oz)
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This professional strength mask comes in a cream formula that dries out and needs to be washed off. The skin feels as if it’s “pulling” while the mask is drying out. When washed off, immediate lifting and smoothing effect is visible. GABA -relaxes muscles and soothes features. Reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin while repairing skin's cellular damage. Promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Perfect as a treatment before a special event when skin needs to look its best and you need an “immediate” effect. Ideally combined with other Neuro GABA & NANA products like Peel, Serum and Cream as part of the overall Neuro GABA & NANA treatment.

Whether you need instant anti-aging results or you’re incorporating it into your regular long-term skincare regimen, the Neuro GABA Lift Mask provides visibly smoother, firmer skin. Ingredients also remove toxins, strengthen mimic muscles, and improve microcirculation beneath the skin's surface. This lift mask contains 29% of active substances: GABA, Instalift ™ Goji, maltodextrin, pullulan, kaolin, and zinc oxide

GABA neurotransmitters, also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid, are a powerful ingredient which directly fight the signs of aging while also repairing the skin. GABA relaxes muscles in the face, creating a smoothing effect which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It goes even further in its fight against aging by promoting collagen production, which repairs cell damage. The powerful Goji fruit extracts contain glycopeptides, which provide the instant lifting effect saggy, aging skin needs.

Several other ingredients work together to protect and prevent aging. Maltodextrin, a natural sugar, helps your skin stay hydrated. Kaolin gently tones and tightens by removing excess oil from pores. Zinc oxide has anti-acne properties, protecting against the formation of blemishes and scars. It creates a protective barrier without excessive oil.

Finally, pullulan, a lifting polymer, tightens skin and plumps out fine lines. This doesn’t just reduce the appearance of age; it also decreases the size of large pores, leaving behind a smoother, more attractive surface and youthful, taut glow.

Our products are formulated and made in Europe, following the strictest rules of European Union governing quality and safety. Our European skincare is made of the highest quality active ingredients. All our skincare is free of the 1,300+ harmful ingredients that are allowed in the USA.

Our products are clean and safe. They do no include carcinogens, irritants, endocrine disrupting agents, parabens, formaldehyde ... and many other harmful ingredients. No harsh chemicals and toxins, only the best in skincare for you. We use the cleanest, professional-grade ingredients that are effective while remaining safe.

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