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Pssssst ... we have launched something amazing!

Pssssst ... we have launched something amazing!

We are so excited to share with you that we are bringing Arkana, a European skin care line beloved by med spa professionals, to the USA!  We have had so many Europeans who live in the USA asking about this brand … and we have heard you. Now you can purchase Arkana skin care right on our USA website with a convenient delivery.  And … during our launch the shipping is FREE on all orders.

Arkana is a brand targeting the needs of med spa professionals as well as skincare enthusiasts who are interested in achieving superior outcomes from their at home beauty routine and want only the best in active ingredients - in the highest concentrations.  

Arkana’s internal R&D team is constantly searching for the newest cosmetics discoveries and ingredients worldwide, and incorporating them into their original formulations.  The brand brings you the latest achievements in the field of biotechnology and regenerative medicine. Their products work on the cellular level and their formulations utilize ingredients from the best European laboratories.  Arkana products do not contain any artificial additives and improving agents such as substances of animal origin, petroleum derivatives, irritating detergents, silicones and parabens.


When you get your skin care in the department store, you are paying mostly for those brands’ marketing.  We have chosen to invest in the actual active ingredients - and pack a ton of them into each of our products. That’s what will make a difference to your skin - not the fancy marketing.


Check out our bestsellers today and invest in what is most important - YOU.